ACH Instructions

Tithing is an essential part of our Christian faith. During these tough times, if you are able, please consider doing a recurring automated withdrawal to help our St. Callistus church through these times, too. You may cancel automation at any time, afterwards.

How to Do ACH: 


Here's what you can do to sign up for ACH:

(a)     Click on EFT-Recurring Automatic Contribution (ACH - PDF version). You may download, fill out the                        form on your computer, print it, then scan it (if you have ability), then (e)mail to           



(a)     Write a note to St. Callistus. State that you wish to sign up for ACH. Indicate how much, monthly or                        bi-monthly, state the amount that you wish to donate, when you wish to start (1st or 15th of the 

          month to start).

(b)     Attach a VOIDED check to your note. This will identify the Bank routing number and your bank account                  number.

(c)      Sign your letter. Your signature is very important in order for the Bank to process your automatic                          withdrawal. The Parish Office will complete the ACH Authorization form; attach your letter with your                      signature and your voided check to this form. 

(d)     During Parish Office hours, come to the Office and pick up an ACH Authorization form, complete it and give            it back to the Office. You will still need to provide a voided check. Questions? Please call the Office                        510-2231153 during Office hours.

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