06/14/21: New COVID Protocols begin 6/15/21

Dear Parishioners:

Our Bishop Barber has sent us a new COVID directive that is effective starting Tuesday, June 15th, throughout the whole diocese. In compliance with the new directive, here are the highlights to follow going forward for St. Callistus parishioners:

• There is no longer a capacity restriction for indoor services

• Sanitizing and cleaning will remain in place

• Ventilation remain the same with open doors and windows

• No more temperature checking

• Masks and social distancing:
- For indoor – mask are optional for those vaccinated,
but recommended for those who are unvaccinated
- For outdoor – mask are no longer required
- Social distancing is no longer observed.

• Ushers will not be “mask police”

• Parishioners may seat yourselves

• For those who may be uncomfortable of the change, you
may stay in the courtyard for the mass. Chairs
will be provided. There is no shade in the courtyard, please
prepare accordingly.

• Livestream will continue temporarily for those who are not
ready for the new protocols. Dispensation may be lifted in August.
Please check website for updates on this matter.

• Mass protocol to remember:
- No handshaking during sign of the peace, except for family
- Communion by the hand is highly encouraged, those
opting to receive by tongue may do so.
- Offertory procession will be the same as before COVID
- Missals are offered with $5 minimum donation
- Sunday Communion for livestreamers are changed to
11:00-11:30 a.m.
- Greeters will be reinstated
- Eucharistic Ministers will be reinstated
- Ushers may direct attendees at Courtyard to receive
communion through the Vestibule towards the sanctuary.
- Chairs are available for parishioners who opt to stay in the
courtyard for the mass.

• Livestreaming:
- Will continue temporarily and be revisited on or just prior
to August 15 (dispensation may be lifted by then)
- Will continue to provide worship aid for Zoom

• Sacrament of Penance:
- Traditional confessionals and rooms of reconciliation are
resumed, provided the room is well-ventilated
- Unvaccinated penitents and priest (if any) are requested to
use the mask

• Other:
- The old Holy water dispenser is available for use
- Fellowship gatherings are safer outdoors before and
after Mass

• With these changes, you will see:
- Eucharistic Ministers distributing the Body of Christ
- Altar servers returning to assist with Mass, provided they
are vaccinated or use mask if unvaccinated.

As before, please follow Usher's direction. Also, please check our website periodically for the updated Indoor Mass - Guide and Instruction (scroll down from the https://www.saintcallistus.org/mass-schedule page).

Thank you, all, for your attention to these changes,