09/25/21: Start of Mission Alignment Process (MAP) Survey

Hello, fellow parishioners. The Diocese of Oakland and all of its parishioners are invited to participate in an inspired Mission Alignment Process. This process will help our diocese align all of our great resources and people to where they are most needed. The ultimate goal is to support evangelization in each parish and to assist us all in becoming missionary disciples.

The process for us at St. Callistus begins October 14 when we will be asked to complete a survey with a variety of questions to find out where each one of us is in our faith journey, what our hopes are for our parish and our families' faith lives; what we are looking for and what we need on our journeys. Our answers will create a snapshot of who we are at St. Callistus, where we currently stand and where we need to go to fulfill our mission.

The survey will take between 10-15 minutes and can be completed online by clicking on a soon to be provided link or by completing a paper copy and returning it to a special box in the vestibule.

Stay tuned to Flocknote, our website and in mass announcements for more information and updates. We are all being asked to participate and complete the survey to provide an accurate picture of who we are and to enable the Holy Spirit to guide us and provide the resources needed to aid us on our faith journeys.

From Gibran Faust, Leadership Team Member
with Message Approval from Fr. Dante