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St. Callistus Church wants to better communicate with you through email and text using Through these uncertain times, we need to use tools that Flocknote offers to get you the information quickly, efficiently, and dynamically.


At the end of these two weekend 10:00 a.m. Masses, August 2 & August 9, please join our Text-to-Join events so that you are included in our database to receive current, important communications from the parish. At the end of the live stream Mass or when you come for communion at the end of our Zoom live streaming broadcast, please have your cell phone ready. We will give you easy, simple instructions then.


If you wish to sign up prior to Signup Sunday 2, August 9, go to the 

Flocknote Signup Instructions page.

About Flocknote: This organization caters to faith-based groups and churches like us to effectively communicate with parishioners. Many of the other local Catholic churches use this communication tool already. Your information is kept safe and secure, but the site and functionality allow YOU to control what types of communications you receive from us. You may unsubscribe from any updates at any time, too!


Once you signup, please check the ministry group(s) you belong to or wish to join. Also, to make sure these emails do not go to to your junk folder, please make sure to accept emails from


If you have any trouble, go to this URL for additional help at

Our keyword is stcallistus2020.


Afterwards, if at any time you wish to update your information at Flocknote, go to


Thank you for your cooperation and keeping us flocked together in these unusual times.