Faith Formation Ministries



Knowing more about our Faith is of paramount importance. How can we be true believers unless we know what we believe and why we believe! Faith Formation actually is an ongoing process. The various programs we have are meant to help us in this.



No special theological learning is required to join these Ministries. Love of our Faith and a desire to propagate the

message of our Master are what matters. By teaching we also learn more.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word 


Faith Formation is age-related. Every Sunday we listen to the Word of God at the Mass. It is necessary that this Word is broken to children in a manner they can grasp. Those who are in this Ministry try to explain the message of the readings to our children during the 10:00am Mass. We need a couple more people in this Ministry.

Contact: Sister Anitta Mary 510-222-0432,

Children’s Faith Formation 


Children, as they grow up, need to be instructed more and more on matters of the Faith. It is our duty to pass on to our children what we ourselves have learned and believe. This Ministry is in fact a continuation of what Jesus Himself did. We can always use more people in this Ministry. Faith Formation teachers are doing the same thing, which Jesus did: preaching the good news of the Gospel.

Contact: Sister Anitta Mary 510-222-0432,

Youth Confirmation


Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist are called Sacraments of Initiation. By receiving them a person becomes firmly rooted in Jesus and in the Faith. Through Confirmation one is 'confirmed' as the word itself denotes; that is, he or she becomes one whose life has been given over to Jesus. Most of our young people receive Confirmation through this program. 

Contact: Sister Anitta Mary 510-222-0432,

Youth Group


Young people are full of life and energy. They often have a deep yearning, though for what it is may not always be clear. Jesus is the true answer to this yearning. He is calling all people to enter into a deeper relationship with Him. With a little help from outside, our young people can find more meaning and purpose in life. Our Youth Ministry strives to provide this help. We want to have a vibrant Youth Ministry Program here. Our High School youth, come forward and join it; you will have fun together. Parents, encourage your children to join.

Contact: Sister Anitta Mary 510-222-0432,

Young Adults' Ministry


The Young Adult Catholic Community (YACC) is a peer support community that connects young adults in different stages of their lives who want to learn more about our shared Catholic faith, serve our Church and community, and connect as we walk with Jesus Christ. All Catholic adults ages 18-40 are welcome to join. We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in the Sr. Angela Faith Formation Center (Youth Building).

Contact: Ugoeze Ofoegbu 510-375-1813,

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RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) 


It is through this program that Catholics who received only Baptism, or Baptism and Eucharist, complete their Initiation. It is also through this program that non-Christians, and Christians who are members of another denomination become Catholics.

Contact: Parish Office 510-223-1153

RCIA Coordinator: Marisse Dongallo

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