Outreach Ministries


The celebration of the Eucharist commissions us to go forth and to bring the fruit of our worship to the world outside. That is the meaning of the Dismissal at the end of the Mass: the Priest saying, “Go and announce the Gospel”. Outreach Ministries are a direct fulfilling of that command.

Respect Life


Life is God’s gift to us and a sharing in His life. So it is sacred, and so is to be deeply cherished and respected. This applies to our own life and the life of everyone else. Respect Life Ministry tries through various means to foster this awareness of the sanctity and preciousness of life in us so that we always treat it with gratitude, reverence and awe. 

Contact: Rose Wierenga 510-222-5558, world@paz.com

Social Justice


"Do unto others what you wish to be done unto you", tells Jesus. The Ministry of Social Justice aims at putting this golden rule into practice. It focuses on the intrinsic worth of every human person as a child of God and emphasizes that we treat all people with equality, fairness and justice, and stand for the rights of others especially the weaker ones. This ministry does this through such means as appropriate literature, workshops, presentations, etc.


Contact: Bill Lujan 510-233-5352

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