1st Reading: Acts of the Apostles 5:12-16
2nd Reading: Revelation 1:9-11, 12-13, 17-19
Gospel: John 20:19-31

​Today is Divine Mercy Sunday. In today's gospel, the Risen Lord greeted His disciples "Peace be with you” three times! He could have scolded and reprimanded them all, but out of love and mercy, He understood their doubts and fears, and went on to assure and encourage them. May we, too, become more understanding, more compassionate and more merciful toward others, and also toward ourselves.

Someone once said: "It is better to give a piece of your heart than a piece of your mind." More than principles and righteousness, what pleases God is our compassion, mercy, and kindness toward others.

​How understanding and compassionate are you? How forgiving and merciful are you? A person who has been forgiven will also be more understanding, compassionate and forgiving of others. But it also happens that recipients of forgiveness do not become givers of forgiveness. The key is humility. It is pride that blocks true repentance and conversion. Let us ask the Lord today to be merciful upon us and to be merciful unto others as well.

Prayer: Lord, no matter what, help me to hold on to your Easter message of love, peace and mercy. Amen.

Fr. Dante