1st Reading: Deuteronomy 30:10-14
2nd Reading: Colossians 1:15-20
Gospel: Luke 10:25-37

​In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches us how to attain eternal life, and that is through concrete service, not through talking. Beyond prayers, beyond profession of faith, what matters most in the end is that we did not hurt, but helped, people along the way.

​It has been said: "They say little who love much. ”In fact, those who love much need not say much. They just do it. Praise God for people who just do deeds of love without fanfare, without any personal agenda, without thought of fame or reward. Yes, we still have much to learn about love, and about the ways of true love.

​The story of the Good Samaritan in the gospel invites us to broaden our loving beyond our creed, race, and class. It is easy to love those who are lovable or those who are of "our own kind." The test of true love is when we love beyond our comfort zones, and to keep on loving anyway, anyhow. Easier said than done? Yes. But it can be done.

Prayer: Lord, remind us that to attain eternal life, talk matters, but love matters more. Amen.

Fr. Dante