1st Reading: Genesis 18:20-32
2nd Reading: Colossians 2:12-14
Gospel: Luke 11:1-13

​In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches us to call His Father our Father! Yes, we have a loving Father who knows everything and who will take care of everything and everyone in our lives.

We have a Father. We are not orphans. We are not alone or abandoned. Let us live with this blessed assurance. God is in perfect control. Let us pray for the grace to worry less and trust Him more.

If God is our Father, then we are brothers and sisters. Let us care for, and not destroy, one another. Short of that, let us respect, listen to, and reach out to one another. Why? Because God is our Father and He want us to love another.

We are all answerable to our Father. We will come face to face with Him someday, and what a meeting it will bel Will it be a meeting filled with joy, or with shame and regrets? The choice is ours to make.

Remember: There is a God. You and I are not Him. If only we learn this basic lesson in life, we will have more peace in our lives, in our homes, in our country and on this very earth.

Prayer: Lord, thank You! We have You as our Father, now, always, and forever. Amen!

Fr. Dante