1st Reading: Genesis 14:18-20
2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Gospel: Luke 9:11-17

Today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi). We renew our belief in the real presence of Jesus, who is with us always in the Eucharist. We also renew our hope that the body and blood of Christ will bring us to eternal life.

It has been almost two years now that some have not received Holy Communion because of the pandemic. There is this thirst and longing to be able to receive our Lord sacramentally again. May we never lose our hunger for receiving our Lord in the form of bread, and to be in His presence before the Blessed Sacrament. I know there are still some people who do not attend the mass for fear of the virus. I completely understand that. However, you will just be surprised when you see them in the mall, movie theater or in the casino.

Also today is Fathers Day. First, we honor and thank our most loving and merciful Heavenly Father. Second, we honor and thank our own earthly father. We pray for all fathers, and for all who have the responsibility to guide, provide, defend, and preserve. For those who are struggling pray: St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for us!

Yes, there are no perfect fathers. Only the heavenly Father is perfect. The rest have flaws and paws, but the message is clear: We keep trying to become like our heavenly Father. We do not romanticize our fathers. We continue to honor them, and respect them, and learn from their fine examples or mistakes, as the case may be.

Think about this: “the time a man realizes that his Father might have been right, is the time when he has a son who thinks he is wrong."

Lastly, please continue to pray for us, your priests, so that we become more fatherly in our ministry, more holy and worthy to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Thank you for your constant prayers, support, and utmost understanding. Amen.

Fr. Dante