1st Reading: Ex 20, 1-17
2nd Reading: 1Cor 1,22-25
Gospel: Jn 2,13-25

In today's Gospel, Jesus cleansed the temple area of vendors and money-changers who had made His Father's house a marketplace, and this He did with passion and zeal. In clear terms, He sent the message that no one can make a mockery out of God and out of God's house.

In this season of Lent and on a personal note, may the Lord cleanse our hearts of selfishness, and also of apathy, cynicism and hopelessness. Let us not give up on ourselves, and on others. One of the best prayers to say whenever we can't fix ourselves, we can't fix others, or we can't fix the situation is simply: Lord, help!

We also need cleansing in the Church, and Pope Francis is right on track with his message of simplicity, of honesty and of bringing the Church to the peripheries. It is not an easy task, and the obstacles are plenty. It is not easy to make people go beyond their comfort zones, leave familiar shores, and venture into new ways and means of seeing and doing things.

The world too has become one big marketplace. Money has become the no. 1 preoccupation of so many people. That is our reality. But we must affirm, and get the message across, that money is not everything, and that there are many things which money cannot buy. We need public servants like Jesus who can cleanse our nation of people who have made our government a marketplace.

Prayer: Lord help us to stop turning ourselves, our church and the world into a one big marketplace. Amen.

Fr. Dante


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