Today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. Three in one, and one in three! The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are different, but they are one, consubstantial, and equal to each other. There is equality in the Blessed Trinity. It is a mystery; a mystery of love to be celebrated in gratitude. We are loved, and we are loved tremendously in more ways than one by the Most Holy and Blessed Trinity.

The God of Christianity is unique. Other gods are known as a presence, a force, a way, or as an enlightenment, but our God reveals Himself as a God who loves us, and the very world we are living in. What’s more is that He is one God in three persons, so full of love for each other, overflowing unto us, and making us a part of His trinitarian life and love.

The heart of the Trinity is love. God sent His only begotten Son because he loved the world, and not because He wanted to control the world, or manage the world, or to gain something from the world. We who claim to serve and love, we still have so much to learn about selfless love and purity of motives.

May the holy and triune God live in our hearts, and in the hearts of all, so that our love will be for all. Amen.

Fr. Dante