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1st Reading: 2 Samuel 5:1-3
2nd Reading: Colossians 1:12-20
Gospel: Luke 23:35-43

Today is the solemnity of Christ the King. The question we need to ask ourselves is, Do we recognize and accept Jesus as our true King in our life, in our homes or in our families?

Please remember that our life on earth is a journey and pilgrimage at the service of Christ our King. And our life will only be meaningful if we spend it for something or someone greater than ourselves.

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. Beyond the turkey, the pumpkins, and the pies, the essence of Thanksgiving Day is that of gratitude to Almighty God, and gratitude for family and true friends in this life. We have many things to thank God for. We have so many blessings we take for granted, or we are not even aware of. Today let us all whisper a sincere "Thank you, Lord" to Christ our King. Let Thanksgiving Day be not just a day, but an attitude, a frame of mind, for our whole lifetime.

Today is also the last Sunday of the Church's liturgical year. Next Sunday is the start of the Advent season. We are reminded today that everything will come to an end. Our life will come to an end someday. But it is not a dead end, but a fruitful end full of hope and promise because it all ends in the Resurrection, and Christ's second coming. Let us make the last stretch of our journey, not in fear and trembling, but with hope and thanksgiving.

Lord, You are our King! We need not fear anyone or anything. Amen.

​Fr. Dante
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