The Advent season prepares us for Christmas, the birth of Jesus. Beginning Sunday, Nov. 28, the parishioners are asked to make a prayer or sacrifice each day until Christmas Eve. Please check the list below. Each of your sacrifice and/or prayers will gain you a straw to place on the crib where our baby Jesus will rest.


Straws will be available in the vestibule and we invite you to come up to the altar after mass to place on the crib.


By Christmas, the baby Jesus will rest on all the straws we have offered!

Nov 28
Say something nice to someone.
Nov 29
Read the corporal works of mercy and make a list of ways you can act them out.
Nov 30
Recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and pray for the conversion of sinners.
Dec 1
Pray the prayer of St. Francis for peace in the world.
Dec 2
Read the Beatitudes.
Dec 3
Go to Adoration, feel the presence of God close to you, even if it's for a short period of time.
Dec 4
Make a card for a person in a nursing home or to an elderly or visit them.
Dec 5
Pray for all the members in your family today by reciting a prayer or offering a sacrifice.
Dec 6
Celebrate St. Nicholas Feast day by giving small gifts or candies to your children/ grandchildren or in your neighborhood.
Dec 7
Share family memories of past Christmases. How had Jesus touched your hearts? How have you felt His love through others?
Dec 8
Recite a rosary as a family to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.
Dec 9
Do something to make someone else's holiday season better this year.
Dec 10
Make snack bags for people at a shelter/ "on the go" bags to handout to the homeless.
Dec 11
Participate in a community event.
Dec 12
Read and meditate the Gospel of Luke chapter 2.
Dec 13
Put some coins in the poor box today and help someone in need.
Dec 14
Read one book of the Bible.
Dec 15
Thank someone who has been a good influence in your life.
Dec 16
Pray for the missionaries and do something that can help those doing a mission.
Dec 17
Listen to Christmas music while doing a task you have been putting off.
Dec 18
Go for confession and cleanse yourself.
Dec 19
Read a religious book individually or as a family.
Dec 20
Memorize a prayer that you don't already know by heart.
Dec 21
Pray for increase in religious vocations while doing your chores.
Dec 22
Clean up a mess that somebody else made (without complaining).
Dec 23
Go to a weekday Mass.
Dec 24
Take time to talk about Jesus, the Light of the World to a person or more.
Dec 25