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 ISSUE 01 


St. Callistus offers another great growth experience as speaker Fr. John Mark Ettensohn, OMI, guides us on How to Face Fear with God's Help - a topic so pertinent for our times. Attending IN-PERSON is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, as there will be group activities involved in the Hall that cannot be live-streamed. These activities will  meaningfully enhance the benefits derived from this event.


Parishioners, please note:

  • All are welcome inside, no Vaccinated Card or proof of COVID test within 72 hours need  to sit in the pews with masks. 

  • Outdoor mask optional. 

  • Food and beverage are offered during lunch break for those who RSVP. 

  • Attendees are welcome to bring snacks as supplement.

  • Livestream links to Facebook and Zoom are found in our web page. Scroll down past the Mass Intention information on the day of the event. Please be aware that livetreaming the event gives much less benefit than in-person because of group discussions.

RSVP for Flocknote users are extended to Friday, November 26, 12:00 p.m. RSVP through the office ends Wednesday, November 24, 12:00 p.m. due to office closure during Thanksgiving holiday.


Please sign up now by clicking on the button, then select
the response that fits you best, then follow prompts, if any:  

Fr. John Mark Ettensohn, OMI


Ordained in 1989, he has served in ministry as a pastor, retreat / renewal preaching team director and member, spiritual director, writer/producer/director in television for Oblate Media Productions, and Director of Christ the King Retreat Center in Buffalo, Minnesota.  He has preached retreats or parish missions in twenty-two states and Canada.


Fr. John Mark’s education has included a Bachelor of Science Degree in English and World History, a Masters in Telecommunications, and a Master of Divinity Degree with emphasis in Word and Worship from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.  After finishing his work as a member of the Mission with Secularity ministry (an effort to better determine how to be effective missionaries in a secular culture that the Oblates inaugurated in Indianapolis), Fr. John Mark now preaches parish missions and gives retreats full time throughout the country.

Give Thanks.png

Thanksgiving Mass

10:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m. devotional prayers

Bring your bread and wine for blessing during the Thanksgiving

mass and Fr. Dante will bless it (keep it at the pews with you,

not placed on altar). 

Advent Candles.png


Our new Liturgical year begins on the Vigil Mass of Saturday, November 27.



Please sign-up to light the Advent Candle during the Advent Vigil and Sunday masses. The sign-up sheets will remain on a table in the vestibule until all the available slots are taken.

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