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Raffle to Win a 2023 VW Jetta S
with Convenience Package or
$5,000 (minimum) Cash Prize*

1st St. Callistus Festival 

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11"w x 8.5"h Flyer


St. Callistus is holding its 1st Annual Fest on Sunday, October 15, 12pm - 7pm. A car raffle drawing will be held at 6pm on that day. No 12pm Mass on that day.

   Download PDF of Car Raffle                      
    *Rules and Regulation

Need not be presesnt to win! 

Check out the Rules & Regulations
for more info!


A few tents will offer foods to enjoy:
American, Filipino, & Italian.

You may pre-order your food through

Skip Mata after weekend Masses
before Sunday, October 15th.


Click on image >> to view in PDF.







Water, sodas, wine, beer, and margaritas may be purchased at this event. Must be 21 and over to purchase liquor items.


A program may be listed of expected entertainment during the 7 hour period. Contact Chad Callaghan if you wish to be added for our enjoyment. Current program includes DJ, bands, dancing, karaoke, and other talents during the 12-7pm period of the Sunday, October 15 festival.

Current line-up includes DJ at start, Shabang Steel Drum Band (Calypso Music – high energy and danceable), ventriloquist, Filipino cultural dancers, Couple for Christ and other bands. Line-up will be posted within a week or so before the Festival event.

Games such as Cornhole, large-scale Jenga, Donut Eating Contest, Pumpking Eating Contest may happen around 12-3pm.


A DJ may play music throughout the event.


Other raffle items (other than car raffle) will be drawn each our starting noon. Winners of the Silent Auction and Other Raffle prizes need to be present to claim the prize. There will be a Rummage Sales, as well as Mystery Bags, too. Winning tickets must be submitted when called by the Emcee. You may acquire tickets from their designated table at the event, separate from the Car Raffle and Food tickets purchase area.

Ticket prices are: $5 = 1 ticket, $10 = 3 tickets, $20 = 7 tickets.

Contact Carole Killough if you wish to donate prizes for this event. NEW goods or products are requested and gift cards are welcome.


Parking may be limited. Be sure to follow instructions from the Knights of Columbus members and other parking volunteers.


Please note: there are two entrance to the parking lot:

1 from the El Portal easement and

1 from the side of the church.


There is only 1 exit - at the side of the church onto San Pablo Dam Road.


  • There will be tables and chairs in designated areas to consume your food and drinks.

  • Port-a-Potties will be available in selected areas.

  • Arts & Crafts booth

  • Rope Tying exhibition

  • Games area and more

Please be part of our church community and support our ONLY 2023 fundraiser by:

  1. purchasing a Car Raffle ticket or tickets), if you haven't already.

  2. Informing family and friends of this great raffle prize (see our /2023Raffle webpage).

  3. Setting a date and time(s) with family and friends to enjoy this event together! This is a great, wholesome bonding opportunity!


Contact the Rectory Staff during regular hours if you wish to volunteer for this event! 

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